Documentation online


I’m currently writing the documentation of Clover, and although it is not finished yet and maybe full of spelling mistakes, it’s already online here for the ones wanting to already read it.

The link to this documentation has also been added in the side bar. It will be updated every day or so to match the Doxygen doc in Git.


One response to “Documentation online

  • oscarbg

    Hi I would like if write a document citing current supported features and extensions..
    Hi would like to contribute some features..
    I think a good TODO list would be:
    *Windows support
    *ICD model
    *OGL interop and D3D interop extensions
    *FP64 extension support
    *Atomics (global and local) extensions
    *3d image writes
    *Extra extensions: popcnt, atomic counters, device fission, asm inline
    I think is good for research for trying ocl extensions with:
    *recursion support
    *function pointer support
    *DispatchIndirect like
    *kernels dispatching kernels in quees etc..
    Also when more advanced would be good to check with
    *NVIDIA OCL SDK samples, WebCL, IBM OCL wrapper, Mosix VCL,etc..

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